We can work with you

As a patient or a family member who has a wound condition, it is always difficult to understand what is going on, what my choices are and with all the information out there, where do you start?

AHI is here to help. We will:
  • Review your case and treatment plans
  • Explain your condition, risk and options that are available
  • Answer questions
  • Explain, show and monitor your care plans
  • Work with your clinicians, doctors and insurance company
  • Be available when you have questions
Our approach is simple – you are the most important component of the care plan. We will discuss all options, risks, and your condition in a manor that is clear, concise and we will empower you with resources of information so that you can become more educated and participate in your recovery.

Our team is available for you when you need it. Can’t remember how to do something – call us, we will help. Unsure what that medical term means – we will explain.

There are many options available, we will help you in determining what is right for you, your wound.