"I was facing the possibility of an amputation of my left Foot due to my chronic non-healing wound and my co-morbidities. The TRUHEAL Wound program provided complete oversight and management of my wound care plan. They were instrumental in providing all of my health care team with regular wound summary and status reports about my wound healing progress. After the TRUHEAL Wound Program I have the ability to walk without restrictions"
- Milton Crenshaw, DVM

"I can enthusiastically recommend them [AHI] for their expertise in helping my patients recover from serious skin ulcers. I was kept informed each step of the way as he [patient] moved between wound clinic, vascular surgeon, plastic surgeon, with regular notes and photographs. Ultimately he only lost a couple toes and is extremely grateful for still having a foot with the ulcer completely healed."
-Kevin Kelly M.D.

"After 4 unsuccessful revascularization surgeries, extensive course of Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments (50) and numerous visits to a vascular surgeon with no resolution in healing my wounds, I was introduced to AHI. They provided me and my provider with regular Wound Summary & Status Reports that tracked treatments and costs. As of today, my wounds appear better, are less painful and are easier to manage at home."
-Ireane Landis

"The TRUHEAL Wound Program provided complete management of my cellulitis. Regular home visits to monitor my healing progress; including wound photographs, measurements, and treatment recommendations. Wound Summary & Status Reports were provided to me and my other healthcare providers. My wound healed within 23 days on the TRUHEAL Wound Program."
- Marcy Schultz

"My patient developed a rapidly progressing lower leg cellulitis due to a shaving nick. This patient was seen in the ER two days in a row. She had a significant past medical history of Diabetes, Hypertension, Mod Depression, previous Cellulitis history. AHI's TRUHEAL Wound Program was ordered. AHI's personnel provided expertise and full coordination assisting in the healing of this high risk leg wound in a timely fashion without any further ER visits or antibiotics. I was provided with weekly reports and photos series as this patient healed."
-Kevin Kelly M.D.

"In December 2010, I had a below knee amputation of my left foot while living in Phoenix. I had doctors and wound clinics working to heal the large wound from my amputation but nothing seemed to work. Then in Spring 2012 I was introduced to the TRUHEAL Wound Program. Peg came to my house and sent me detailed reports of my progress. The treatment was non-invasive and consisted of two components: Silverstat and electronic therapy. These two treatments worked wonders and my wound got smaller and smaller until it was completely healed in February of 2013."
-Roger Sorbo

"In May 2004 I had the little toe on my right foot amputated as a result of my underlying health problems. After the surgery, I had to have painful treatment for my wound weekly at the vascular clinic. Prior to beginning the TRUHEAL Wound Program, the wound was not healing, I was in almost constant pain, and I developed an infection in the wound. I was started on antibiotics. Rapid improvement would have to be made in order to prevent further amputation. In June 2004 I began twice daily therapy and the infection disappeared and my wound began to heal. In approximately August 2004 the wound had completely healed."
- James Wren

"I had foot surgery and developed a wound infection that would not heal for 4 months until I used the TRUHEAL Wound Program. It healed within 4 weeks. I would recommend that this program be used on your wounds that have not healed or to prevent wounds from developing on your high risk patients. I have found the staff at AHI to be very helpful and supportive."
-Mary Hafner

"We had 2 residents that the TRUHEAL Wound Program had great success. One resident had an unstageable blister on his heal and we started the wound treatment twice a day on 8/30 and healed on 10/17. This is our success of healing an unstageable blister on a heal. Another resident had a unstageable blister on left inner heal which started on 10/20/11. We started the treatment program on 5/9/12. Resident has diagnosis with osteomylitis, as well as tunneling. Healed on 8/6/12. This product is very easy to use for staff. We appreciate Kyle and Peg who came frequently to do wound rounds. A great resource for questions."
-Patti Tackman, Director of Nursing

"What I like about the TRUHEAL Wound Program: Fast and easy for staff to use, Heals wounds faster and this frees up staff to do other things, Non invasive for residents, Staff with TRUHEAL are always helpful with questions."
- Sharon Crilly, Nurse Coordinator

"I like the TRUHEAL Wound Program because it heals the ulcers quickly and is easy to use. It decreases the expense of dressing and staff time because of ulcer healing quickly"

"I had a bad burn from a boiling water spill on my foot.  Burn was there for a month.  Blister broke in physicians office pain was unbearable. Started TRUHEAL Wound Program and healing was noted immediately with no scarring, felt was miracle healing."
-Linda Letich

"In 2010, I had surgery to replace my right knee. About a year ago, I had the other knee replaced. Both surgeries were identical and performed by the same surgeon at the same hospital. As part of my post-op recovery for my 2nd knee surgery, I utilized AHI's TRUHEAL Wound Program for help in healing my post-op incision and to help reduce inflammation and pain as I recovered. My rapid recovery from my second knee replacement surgery was hugely impacted by utilizing the TRUHEAL Wound Program. 10 days after surgery my staples were removed, I was walking on my own without the use of a cane or walker. To my surgeon's surprise I was able to lift my leg without any assistance to a mid-chest level, with the other knee I was only able to lift my leg about 2 inches 10 days post-op."
- Charles Klair