Subject: 53 Year Old Male

Primary Diagnosis: Diabetes

Wound Type:
Surgical wound resulting from a diabetic ulcer of the little toe

Wound Location: Right foot

Prior History:
Osteomyelitis -inflammation of the bone and bone marrow, usually caused by bacterial infection.
Patient’s amputation wound was present 3.5 months before the wound became infected, which in turn infected the bone. The patient was then scheduled for a leg amputation below-the-knee (BTK) to prevent a life threatening bone infection. The vascular surgeon, at the patient’s request, agreed to refer the patient for AHI’s Truheal Wound Program.

Treatment Protocol:
AHI TRUHEAL Program ordered on June 23rd

Standard Care:
Debridement, dry gauze dressing and wrap.

Patient Outcome:
After one week of TRUHEAL wound program the results were visible to the vascular surgeon and the patient. The patient reported no pain, local swelling was greatly reduced and the systemic antibiotics being taken by the patient began to take effect. The amputation was averted. By week 9 the wound was 75% closed. Treatment was discontinued once wound closure reached 96%.

Estimated to have saved $140,000 in amputation, hospitalization, physical therapy and prosthetic costs.

food_before  foot_after