Subject: 88 Year Old Female

Primary Diagnosis: 945.36 – 3rd Degree Burn

Wound Type:
Burn – patient discharged from the burn center after medical staff assessment determined that skin grafts would not work due to patient age and location of the injury.

Wound Location:
Bilateral Thigh Burns Right Thigh: Starting Measurement – 13 Inches x 7 Inches Left Thigh: Starting Measurement – 16 Inches x 7 Inches

Prior History:
Elderly woman living alone in assisted living facility. She required assistance with day to day living activities, but there was a support system in place with family, friends and neighbors. Wound was caused by an accident in the kitchen while cooking. She presented to burn center on May 9th and was admitted to a nursing home on May 16th. Goal of the resident and the family was to achieve wound healing and return her to her permanent residence if possible.

Treatment Protocol:
AHI TRUHEAL Wound Program Ordered on May 22nd

Standard Care:
Soap and wound wash daily. Cover with non-adherent dressing and secure with Kerlix and cover with gauze dressing and wrap.

Patient Outcome:
Wound healed and patient was discharged to home on July 25th – 65 Days of total treatment.

burn_before  burn_after