Advanced Health Institute and Midwest Podiatry Centers Join Forces To Create New Specialty Centers

MINNEAPOLIS – (September 30, 2014) – Advanced Health Institute is joining forces with Midwest Podiatry Centers to incorporate specialty centers for wound care in their five Twin Cities metro-area locations. The two companies will move to a new space in October 2014 located on 66th and Lyndale in Richfield that will be comprised of more than 30 employees.

“We believe that with Advanced Health Institute’s TRUHEAL Wound Program, we can help a number of our patients living with foot wounds get the help they need faster, eliminating an unnecessary expenses that occur with a wound that won’t heal,” said Dr. Dirk Halverson of Midwest Podiatry Centers.

After nine years of research and development, Advanced Health Institute (AHI), a medical startup company, has developed life-changing technology through the TRUHEAL Wound Program that is counter-intuitive to traditional healthcare—AHI is paid by medical insurers for better results and outcomes.

“The TRUHEAL Wound Program is a comprehensive plan that provides a set of tools, technologies and services available to all patients and clinicians in all care settings.  We act as a critical component that ensures consistent, accurate and timely information and communication between the patient, family and the clinical team,” said Kurt Larson, Advanced Health Institute’s President.  Research shows TRUHEAL improved healing rates and a reduction in costs that average between 35 – 50 percent better than industry standards.

According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, foot disorders are among the most widespread and neglected health problems affecting people in this country. Foot problems are especially common in older people and diabetic patients. Feet lose cushioning as they age, and the skin and nails can grow dry and brittle. Many seniors have poor circulation, and this can slow the healing of foot sores. People who have long-standing or poorly controlled diabetes are also at risk for having damage to the nerves in their feet. Normal nerves allow people to sense if their shoes are too tight or if their shoes are rubbing on the feet too much. With diabetes, they may not be able to properly sense minor injuries, such as cuts, scrapes and blisters-all signs of abnormal wear, tear, and foot strain.

Because of the high success rate, AHI is paid by major insurers based on outcome. In the last two years, AHI has prevented over 30 scheduled amputations because of wound issues and saved patients and insurers hundreds of thousands of dollars in healthcare costs. Advanced Health Institute’s TRUHEAL Wound Program has served over 9,000 cases to date with positive results.  For this reason, AHI is a beacon of hope for patients living with chronic wound problems.  For more information about Advanced Health Institute’s services,


There are over 25,000 patients residing in the 7 county metro area of Minnesota who have given up on healing their wounds. Slow-healing wounds account for a significant percentage of healthcare costs but remain a low-priority area. Current strategies often focus on alleviating symptoms at the expense of identifying cures. As a result, personal suffering and socioeconomic costs are greater than necessary. One major challenge is that patients with slow-healing wounds are treated by a variety of healthcare institutions and providers, not all of which have the same knowledge and procedures to deal with the problem.

Advanced Health Institute (AHI) identified the system drivers of wound costs and leveraged its TRUHEAL Would Program, a disease management approach to wound healing, to work with large integrated delivery networks and insurers to provide system level analysis about the impact of wounds within a system network. The institute uses a database that tracks the wounds progress and the hospital pays the company when the wound is healed.

The success both clinically and financially has moved the TRUHEAL Wound Program to be covered by major insurers that include:Sun Country Health Alliance, Fairview Health Services, Medica, Mayo Lake City, PreferredOne, Health EZ and others. The program guarantees satisfaction and results.

About Advanced Health Institute

Advanced Health Institute (AHI) provides a leading-edge TRUHEAL wound care program, including technologies, procedures and ancillary products and services to heal and prevent wounds quickly and cost-effectively. The TRUHEAL wound program provides a framework for a system-wide standard of care for all patients with wounds that fit the established criteria. Patients enter the wound care process either by provider, caregiver referral or by self-referral.  For more information about Advanced Health Institute’s services, visit or email with questions.

About Midwest Podiatry Centers

Midwest Podiatry Centers (MPC) helps identify the source of foot and ankle pain and recommend the best treatment plan for the best possible outcome. Midwest Podiatry Specializes In: Ankle Sprains; Bunions; Diabetic Foot Care; Heel Pain; Pain Laser Therapy; Toenail Problems. For more information about Midwest Podiatry Centers, visit

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