How do I work with my Insurance Company?


TRUHEAL is now being accepted by many insurance organizations.  However, your insurance company may not be aware of our approach.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your case and learn more about how you can approach your insurance company and your case manager. We will help you identify the right people to talk with and explain how you can get authorization. When calling, please have your insurance card with you and available.


How do I work with a Physician?


4 doctorsWith a myriad of choices available to your clinician, it is not always clearly understood what can work for your specific set of conditions and wound. All wounds are unique. AHI is available to help clinicians understand what options are available to them and the patient. We recommend that you contact us directly and discuss your case. We will review your clinical care plan, past care plans and get a better understanding of your specific needs.

With this information, we can being to have a comprehensive assessment that will give you options and the necessary understanding and back ground information to bring to your physician or clinical team at your next visit.

Our assessment of your case is available for them to review and the evidence on options will be clear and concise. We will help monitor your progress and will communicate and report back to your clinical teams weekly. We will help mitigate your risk and ensure that your clinical team is aware of any and all changes so that they can be proactive. Hundreds of patients are utilizing us to coach them and their clinician’s on options, treatments and monitoring.


How do I work with AHI?


Thank you for taking the time to find us.  We are here to help.  We have a very systematic approach to helping you and your wound.

Picture4Step 1 – Phone Consult; please call us at anytime to review your case and wound.  We would like to do a phone assessment and gather information about your wound, the treatment plans you have utilized, your existing treatment plan and learn more about your specific needs.  During this process we may help direct you on how to engage your insurance company as well as your clinical team.

Step 2 – Assessment; we will do an on-site assessment of your wound.  Assessment is a process of gathering and documenting information about the patient and the wound.  Wound assessment allows the AHI team to provide the best, most consistent care by matching proven technologies and treatments to your specific needs and condition.

Step 3 – Care Plan Discussion; utilizing our Health Outcomes Operational Platform software, we will be able to design and recommend courses of treatment and begin to set clear expectations and understanding of your condition, wound and risks.

Step 4 – Care Plan Implementation; we will work with you, your clinical teams and any services you may be recieving to ensure that everyone is clear on the Care Plan, treatments and expectations.

Step 5 – Monitoring and Reporting; we will come along side your care team during your clinic visits, or we can come to your home during your dressing changes.  Utilizing our software, we can immediately update and communicate to you, your family and clinical teams on progress, changes in risk and ensure that the care plan is being executed.  If changes are needed, we can help facilitate what are the next best options available.

Your AHI health navigator is available:

  • Call anytime for clarification on terminology or treatments.
  • We will help train your care givers on the specific treatments in your care plan.
  • We can be available to join you at your clinic visit.
  • We can help coordinate visits, medical equipment needs and available services.