At Advanced Health Institute we are focused on providing a better solution to heal all types of wounds regardless of the care setting, including the home.
What the current healthcare system provides for wound care.


Wound Care today resides in a fragmented system of treatments and treatment cycles that rarely promote healing and frequently increase patient risk.


There is systemic over-utilization of technologies, medications and supplies that are very often unnecessary for healing.


Care is often uncoordinated which can lead to chronic wounds, increased costs and ultimately, patients with no healing or hope. Wound care in the United States alone has been documented to be a $200 Billion + problem.

There is a solution - TRUHEAL

Advanced Health Institute started 9 years ago with the goal to provide a more effective and efficient clinical solution to heal all types of wounds in all care settings, including the home.

Stethiscope on computer

Today, our unique patient centric approach and comprehensive wound healing program called TRUHEAL is leading the health industry in information, technology and outcomes both clinically and financially. All stakeholders benefit including health systems, insurers, but most importantly the patient. The TRUHEAL PROGRAM is improving people's lives.

  • In the last two years 30 amputations that were scheduled to be performed because of a non-healing wound were prevented through the use of the TRUHEAL PROGRAM.
  • The TRUHEAL PROGRAM has helped people stay in their homes and heal, avoiding having to go to specialty clinics, hospitals and receiving unnecessary and ineffective procedures.
  • People that have suffered with chronic wounds for months and years are now healed as a result of the TRUHEAL PROGRAM.

TRUHEAL's patient-centered approach provides a platform to get the right information to the right care givers at the right time so communications and protocols are clear and consistent and the most effective treatments are utilized.

Because of this approach and with 9 years of research and development Advanced Health Institute can now offer an accountable and transparent process to all parties in the care team, including the patient.

The success of the TRUHEAL PROGRAM now leads the way for change in how health care services are delivered and paid. AHI and our patients are improving the health care system with each healed wound.

Thank You for your interest to find a better healing solution.